Drown out the noise with a discourse

Allow me to be unsettling and drink it in uncertainly

Found out the poise with the fiscal

Endow me to breathe embellishing and shrinking in endlessly


The only wiser man found in a holocaust of age

Stack the over-educated odds anonymous and frayed

When gods are liberated in a confessional of faith

I'm not awake, I'm not awake


Down on the joy with a white horse

Surrounded in steam and suffering

Grounded and deep

Frowned on the boy from the substance

Drowning to feel anything

Founded and weak


While demagogues play god and all our teachers taught to hate

We're sent like humans to the slaughter for a sense of pride and place

We lack the nerve to leave whilst staring death right in the face

I'm not awake, I'm not awake

© 2018 The Boy Without A Name

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