On a table where the darkest of secrets can hide

My lies are inviting me down to the white

My body is burned on a mindful of fight

For a bride and the heaviest of favours denied


There's no need for forgiving

Sorrows like these can be swallowed in kindness

And I'll be alone self-afflicted

In the shade of the dusk in our living room sighs

And I'll mask the white under your eyelids

As we dose away feeling in our awkward incline

For your life


You're a feather worn heady from the worries of flight

I'm a fly on the wall looking in from the sky

All the colours of blood rushing down to your spine

And the cries of your pain pushing hard to define


We've no place with the living

A killing incentive for selfish decline 

When our friendship is longer breathing

And my oxygen bleeds on a flawless design

I'm losing my life to your leaving

And we're talking in opposite swells of the tide


I'm scared of the dirt in you eyes

My reasons for leaving are selfish and poorly defined

But I'm not one for words

When our absence is no kind of healing for hurts of this kind

For the water is wide

But I'm not one to swim, you know me

The melancholy seasons are mine


There are knives in the air forming thoughts held in time

When the only way out is out into the night

And my dreams are all visionaries walking the line

That I brokered and borrowed from a better man's life

© 2018 The Boy Without A Name

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